PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam

Do I have to purchase the PTA Global Educational Programs to take the certification exam?

Eligible PTA Global CPT certification candidates are not required to purchase, participate, or enroll in any PTA Global educational offerings.

How many days do I have to take the exam?

You are required to take the Certified Personal Trainer proctored exam within 180 days from purchase.

If I can’t take the exam on-time, can I file for an extension?

Yes, if a candidate needs to extend the exam they may contact:

If the exam candidate wishes to extend the exam beyond the 180 days deadline from the date of purchase, for any reason, the cost will be $59. This extension, once granted, will allow for another 60 days to take the exam. The exam sitting cannot be extended beyond a 365 days from the date of original purchase.

How do I find an exam location?

The website to view program details and availability of centers can be found at:

How can I schedule my exam?

Visit our Exam Requirements page for details.

What will I need to provide at the PSI testing center on the day of my exam?

Visit our Exam Requirements page for details.

What materials may I bring into the testing center?

Visit our Exam Requirements page for details.

What is the policy on registration and cancellation of the exam?

Visit the Exam Requirements web page for details.

How do I take the exam if I am located internationally or have scheduling hardship?

For those who are taking the exam outside of North America, are more than 150 miles from a PSI testing location, are active duty military overseas, or have a specific disability making it impossible to travel to a PSI testing center to take the exam, may fill out the Proctor Agreement Form for special accommodations.

Proctor Application Form
Proctor Agreement Form

The Proctor Agreement Form must be completed and submitted to the Certification Board for review before a special accommodations proctoring can be scheduled. Individuals requiring special accommodations proctoring, who have completed and submitted the Proctor Agreement Form, should allow for 30 days before receiving the Certification Board’s decision to allow or deny the proctoring arrangement.

How long will it take to get my results?

Upon completion of the exam, you will immediately be given a score of pass or fail. The passing score is answering 72 questions correct out of 125. One of the following instructions will be given:

  • If you pass the exam, PTA Global will process your certificate and will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks of passing the exam.
  • If you DO NOT pass the exam the student can retake their exam after waiting 30 days following their failed examination attempt. Once 30 days has past the student can purchase a retest by contacting:

Note: The 30 day waiting period is in accordance with PTA Global’s pending accreditation in order to ensure basic level competency through knowledge learned. To protect the integrity of the exam, exam questions and answers will NOT be available following the exam.

If I don’t pass the exam or do not show up for the exam, can I receive a refund?

No, all testing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the policy on refunds, returns or transfers?

There are no refunds or returns for PTA Global education programs or purchase of the CPT Exam, whether purchased separately, or together. Once you have purchased the CPT Exam or PTA Global Study Materials or Programs, there are no refunds or returns, at any time, for any reason, following the point of purchase.

Examinations are not transferable. You may not change the name of the purchaser of the exam. Once purchase has been made, the person purchasing the exam must be the one to take the exam, without exception.

What is the PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer Exam Candidate Handbook?

The information in this candidate handbook will provide you with the tools and information you need to take the PTA Global CPT Exam. It contains information and outlines the exam registration process, candidate eligibility, exam content and preparation, and certification guidelines. Before starting your studies, download and read the PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer Exam Candidate Handbook (File: PTAG CB Exam Candidate Handbook)

Do you have other important information, policies, and forms that I may need as a candidate?

Yes. Please visit the CB Policies and Forms page.