Personal Fitness Trainer Recertification Process

A Certified Personal Trainer must fulfill regular education requirements in order to ensure that they are keeping up with industry research, concepts, and applications, and to ensure that personal training skills and abilities are constantly improved. This is not only for the professional development of the certified personal trainer, but to protect the needs and wants of the general public, who will seek out the professional help of the trainer.

Every two years, the CPT must provide proof of at least 24 CEC’s (24 credit hours) or hours of specific learning, study, and research.

CEC’s should be reported only in the 90 days leading up to recertification deadline (2 years from the date of official CB Certification).

If the CPT has not completed the required 24 CEC hours, they can apply for a 60 day extension at a fee of $99. This extension will only be granted if the payment and request has been made within 30 days of the end of certification period. Failure to either submit CEC’s before the recertification deadline, or to request a 60 day extension, will result in revocation of CB Certification and the former certified personal trainer will need to pay for and retake the CPT Exam as a new trainer would.

There is no fee for recertification, only to fulfill the CEC requirements in a timely manner.

Please reserve continuing education credit (CEC) reporting until the period from 90 days until your recertification deadline (90 day window).

Failure to report CEC coursework and complete the recertification documentation before certification expiration will result in a loss of certification status, and the former certified personal trainer will need to take the exam at full price (not retake price).

For complete details regarding recertification, review the Policies and Procedures Handbook.